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Technology & Products
Oven Furnace System
Atmospheric Furnace with Dew Point Control System
Tools for firing process of MLCC
  • Independent programmable control of N2 and H2 gas system
  • Dew point control from -20ºC to 50ºC by mixing partly humidifying N2 and H2 gas with dry gas
  • High sensitivity O2 detector
High Vacuum Atmospheric Furnace
Tools for heat treatment of electronic materials and devices
  • 10-6 torr within 20 minutes
  • Rapid temperature increase and down by Gold furnace
  • Excellent for the use in a clean room
Diffusion Furnace
Diffusion Furnace for 200mm Si Process
Hot Pressing Furnace
Hot press tool for production of sputtering target for Optical recording media.

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