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Magnetic Head for GMR and TMR Magnetic Recording Head for HDD
5 Tesla Magnetic Annealing Oven
Tool for annealing GMR and TMR thin film on Max 8 inch AlTiC substrates in a quartz core tube oven under the vacuum condition or inactive atmosphere with 5 Tesla magnetic field.
  • 5Tesla Superconducting Magnet
    Field 5Tesla +/-3%
    Skew angle within +/- 1.0º
  • Capacity 25 wafers
  • Quartz core tube oven
  • Annealing Temperature : 150 to 400 ºC (Max. 500 ºC)
  • Horizontal 3 zone heater with High temperature Unifomity
    Within Wafer within +/- 2.0ºC
    Within 25 wafers batch within +/- 2.0ºC
  • Ramp Up: 0∼5ºC/min
  • Ramp Down: less than 3hours from 300ºCto 80ºC in vacuum
  • Vacuum <7 x 10-4Pa
  • Max wafer size : 8 inch
  • Automatic Wafer handling System
  • Throughput 11 wafers/hour at 2hours soaking anneal
  • Clean Air flow system
  • Comply for SEMI S2,S8
  • Comply for SECS/GEM Network protocol
5 Tesla Magnetic Annealing Oven for R&D
Magnetic Annealing Tool with compact 5 Tesla Superconducting Magnet for R&D of magnetic Materials or devices.
  • Work size : 2-6 inch diameter
  • Annealing Temperature : 150 to 400 ºC (Max. 600 ºC)
  • Temperature Uniformity within +/- 2ºC
  • Field Direction Perpendicular or Vertical to work surface
  • Vacuum (1x10-3Pa level) or inactive atmosphere
  • 5T Superconducting Magnet
    Field 5Tesla+/-3% Skew angle within +/-1.5deg
Magnetic Vacuum Annealing Too for GMR and TMR thin film on AlTiC wafers in a quartz core tube oven under the vacuum condition or inactive atmosphere with magnetic field.
Vertical type oven with 3 zones heater
Quartz core tube oven
Annealing Temperature : 150 to 400 ºC (Max. 500 ºC)
Ramp up : 0 to 5 ºC/min.
Ramp down : less than 5hrs from 300 ºC to 80 ºC in Vacuum
Can be accelerated to 2.5 to 3 hrs with N2 or Ar cooling gas.
Cascade heater control system
3:3 control system : substrate temperature and heater temperature
less than ± 0.5ºC (Overall wafer to wafer / center of each wafer)
less than ± 2.0ºC (Overall wafer to wafer / 5 points on each wafer)
less than ± 0.5ºC Control Stability
High and stable vacuum performance : less than 7 x 10-5 Pa (5 x 10-7 Torr)
Mass productivity : ∼ca.40 wafers per batch (Max)
Wafer size : up to 8 inches wafer
Magnetic Field : up to 1.5T with normal magnet over 1T with He-free superconducting magnet
In Situ High-Temperature GMR (Spin Valve) Measurement System
Measurement System for GMR characteristics of Spin Valve thin film during annealing process in a Magnetic Vacuum Annealing Oven.
  1. 3 substrates at the same time
  2. From Room Temperature to Maximum 400ºC
  3. Maximum 600ºC by using high temperature- resistant cables.
  4. Minor loop characteristic in magnetic field from ±0 to ±200 Oe(Max.).
  5. Major loop characteristic up to ±Maximum Magnetic Field of MVAO system.
  6. Automatic finding of Easy Axis and Hard Axis for the measurements of each loop
Resist Hard Bake Oven
Resist Hard Bake tool for GMR and TMR wafers under Magnetic Field.
  • Baking Under vacuum or atmospheric conditions
  • Quartz core tube oven
  • Quartz core tube can be removed and cleaned.
Magnetizing Tool for HGA with Electric Magnet.
Glass Fiberizing Furnace
Grass fiberizing for glass bonding materials.

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